Back again!!

Ok so I have been soooo bad on the blogging and posting front!  I cant believe that my last blog was from June 😦 so one of my new years resolutions was to get back in to my blogging about everything and anything.  Its been a busy start to the new year and the Brides are out in force after all the engagments over the festive period.  It’s great, and I would love to be doing it all over again!  Well along with all my weddings work related this year, I am delighted to have friends and family weddings to look forward to also.  One of which I am a bridesmaid for , so I guess I will be making the walk down the aisle again lol! But it is all for my dear friend Jacqui and her Fiance Brian!!  Its the 21st of September and the excitment is only fierce!!

I have also been very bold over Christmas, and as me and Brian went on a late honeymoon I also ate and drank too much wine so I am currently signed up with a local Leisure Centre here and doing whats called an ‘8 week challenge’ so its basically gymming and swimming and doing classses and weighing in each week then.  There of course is a weekend away prize at the end, so its always nice to have a bit of incentive!  So with that and bridesmaid for Jacqui its keeping me going so far so good!!

So last year was an amazing year for me , being shortlisted for the WOL awards and just being so busy doing weddings which I have to say is the best part of the makeup world I believe – being part of someones special day! I signed off NYE not only doing makeup but attending my best friend from college Jessica’s wedding.  Which of course I was an emotional wreck for, but could not imagine a better way to finish the year.  But apart from all that – I got married myself! To Brian, my bestie and partner in crime! So its almost a year now in April and I can’t believe it has gone by so quickly!

But this year I intend to write an awful lot more – not only makeup but everything and anything that makes me happy and do more Bridal features too. I have just finished an article for and also a feature for Weddingsonlne – so I really want to get in to doing more of this.   I also am hoping to start up an online little venture, which I will give details of later. 

So apart from that, I hope you all had a fantastic Xmas and NY and heres for an even better 2012.


xx D xx




Sharon xx

I recently had the pleasure of doing the makeup for Sharons wedding. Tricia from Munster Mobile hair was the hairstylist for the wedding and as usual worked her wonders!

Sharon and Peter got married in the beautiful setting that is Ballyvolane House in Cork.  I definately think this venue is a hidden gem, it is STUNNING.  I love the feel of it and the idea that its all your own family and friends staying in the one place and no strangers staying as guests.  It reminds me of where I got married myself in Kilshane House.

The photographer for the wedding was Eric Savo – it was my first time meeting him but he definately left an impression and seeing the pics from the big day speak volumes.  He is seriously talented.  Check him out here .

Some pics of us at work on the day courtesy of Eric:










Hey Everyone,

Here’s some pics from the shoot I did for B Magazine for their spring edition. 

Model :- Fiona @ Compton Model Agency

Location : – Clanard Court Hotel, Athy. Naas.

Make up – Moi

Hair :- Tricia o Sullivan –

Photography :- We are the mastersons

Check out the latest spring edition – in newsagents now.

xx D xx

The countdown, blogs and Dirty Dancing !!!

Hey everyone,

Its been a while since I posted anything about my own wedding, I think it hit a lull there for a while because it was all hyperness with the hen and all.  Well we hit London with a bang back in January and we had a blast.  I am not sure about other hens, but I was nervous from the outset – not used to being centre of attention, I was more worried about making sure everyone else had a great time.  But I have to say I need not have bothered cos everyone had a whale of a time, and all the girlies made sure I did. Now what happened in London STAYS IN LONDON LOL!!!!! But we shopped til we dropped partied hard in TIGER TIGER and also went to see Dirty Dancing.  Now I have to say – IF YOU ONLY DO ONE THING IN THIS LIFE – GO TO SEE DIRTY DANCING IN THE WEST END!!! We laughed, clapped, sang, cried ( well Gina did LOL) cheered and got totally caught up in the whole performance. It really was fantastic!! 

Me and the Girlies

Me and the girlies x


So the countdown is well and truly on now, 9 weeks and 5 days to go.  I seriously cannot believe how quick the time is gone, its crazy!!! I’m nervous, excited, emotional and a bit numb I think 🙂  It’s funny I was doing a lot of trials in the last few weeks for my summer brides and its hard to believe that I will be married the next time I meet them!!!!!!

Not much left to do now, but enjoy the lead up.  But being back in to the buzz of weddings now again with work is once again giving me more ideas which is great for me ( bad for Brian LOL)   I am not sure about most of you, but I get so much inspiration from wedding blogs as well.  You really can put such a creative edge on your big day without having to break the bank.  I will post pics after the big day but I have hit Pennys, Dunnes, IKEA, TK MAXX, and not to mention my fave ETSY and Ebay!! And I have come up with some really cool ( well I think so haha)  little touches that I want to implement to my day!

Wedding Blogs are fantastic and there are so many fantastic ones out there you can get lost!  I always remember one of my lovely brides – she has her own Blog and its fabulous.  Extremely informative and quirky too.  You should really go on over there and have a look.  X

I have listed below some of my other favourite Wedding Blogs, I really advise any of you brides to be, to wander over and have a look.  They are so inspiring!

So anyways, my mind is really in overdrive @ the moment so expect lots of more blogs in the coming weeks 🙂

Lots of love,

xx D xx


I don’t know about you but I love looking at pics of celebs not looking so glam!  It makes me feel great LOL  We all aspire to look like celebs – follow the trend of the same hairstyle or colour and wear the same clothes as them.  If we all had the best of hair and makeup artists behind us we would look a million dollars too!!    Even celebs have their off days  🙂

Heidi Klum






















xx D xx

Globe Fever !!!

Well awards season is upon us and the style was out in force at this years Golden Globes.  I have nabbed a few of my personal fave outfits below, and as always a few of the not so pwetty …..

Jennifer Lopez

Sandra Bullock


Eva Longoria




Mila Kunis


Carrie Underwood



Anne Hathaway


Not sooo fond of Juliannes number here …



And I honestly dont know what Helena as thinking when she went out looking like this ……..


and whats with the 2 odd shoes???????????

xx D xx

Classic Red!

Hey Everyone,

If like me you LOVE red lipstick you should really like this post.  I just wanted to gather some of my fave looks of some celebs that regularly wear a red lip.  Red lipstick suits everyone, you just need to work a shade that is right for you.  Some reds can be quite tomatoey which would suit a blonde or fair person more, and then a deep rich red would suit a darker haired person.  And with the festive season coming our way again, no better time than to be a little bit more daring with your makeup!   My fave red lipstick is MAC RUBY WOO. 🙂

But of course no one quite works it like the beautiful Marilyn 🙂

xx D xx

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