The countdown, blogs and Dirty Dancing !!!

Hey everyone,

Its been a while since I posted anything about my own wedding, I think it hit a lull there for a while because it was all hyperness with the hen and all.  Well we hit London with a bang back in January and we had a blast.  I am not sure about other hens, but I was nervous from the outset – not used to being centre of attention, I was more worried about making sure everyone else had a great time.  But I have to say I need not have bothered cos everyone had a whale of a time, and all the girlies made sure I did. Now what happened in London STAYS IN LONDON LOL!!!!! But we shopped til we dropped partied hard in TIGER TIGER and also went to see Dirty Dancing.  Now I have to say – IF YOU ONLY DO ONE THING IN THIS LIFE – GO TO SEE DIRTY DANCING IN THE WEST END!!! We laughed, clapped, sang, cried ( well Gina did LOL) cheered and got totally caught up in the whole performance. It really was fantastic!! 

Me and the Girlies

Me and the girlies x


So the countdown is well and truly on now, 9 weeks and 5 days to go.  I seriously cannot believe how quick the time is gone, its crazy!!! I’m nervous, excited, emotional and a bit numb I think 🙂  It’s funny I was doing a lot of trials in the last few weeks for my summer brides and its hard to believe that I will be married the next time I meet them!!!!!!

Not much left to do now, but enjoy the lead up.  But being back in to the buzz of weddings now again with work is once again giving me more ideas which is great for me ( bad for Brian LOL)   I am not sure about most of you, but I get so much inspiration from wedding blogs as well.  You really can put such a creative edge on your big day without having to break the bank.  I will post pics after the big day but I have hit Pennys, Dunnes, IKEA, TK MAXX, and not to mention my fave ETSY and Ebay!! And I have come up with some really cool ( well I think so haha)  little touches that I want to implement to my day!

Wedding Blogs are fantastic and there are so many fantastic ones out there you can get lost!  I always remember one of my lovely brides – she has her own Blog and its fabulous.  Extremely informative and quirky too.  You should really go on over there and have a look.  X

I have listed below some of my other favourite Wedding Blogs, I really advise any of you brides to be, to wander over and have a look.  They are so inspiring!

So anyways, my mind is really in overdrive @ the moment so expect lots of more blogs in the coming weeks 🙂

Lots of love,

xx D xx


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