More Jewellery Madness!!!!!!

I have been super bad on the blogging front the last month, its been really busy.  In the last 2 months I have literally been all over the republic doing weddings here, there and everywhere.  Its been great 🙂 It’s hard to believe the summer is coming to an end and we have to get ourselves ready for the wintery cold weather:) uugghh!

Anywhoo on a lighter note, I decided to do a small blog on a gorgeous irish online store   They have everything on this site from fashion jewellery to bridal jewellery and head jewellery with a budget to suit all.  I have listed a few of my favourite items on the site below, but really log on yourself and browse through their many selections.

Swarosvski Crystal Teardrop Earrings €62.00

Swarosvski Crystal Teardrop Earrings €62.00


Vine Swarovski Crystal Headband €110

Vine Swarovski Crystal Headband €110


One of my favourites on the site is this stunning bracelet –

5 Ball Swarovski Crystal Bracelet €69

5 Ball Swarovski Crystal Bracelet €69


But like I said, this is just a peek at some of the fab stuff they have on here, have a browse for yourself and see.

xx D xx


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