To prime or not to prime

that is the question……… YES!!! is the answer.

One of the most important things about makeup for the ‘big’ day is to make sure that your makeup stays looking flawless all day long.  Bear in mind, you will be getting your makeup done in the morning time, and it probably will not be until the late afternoon when you get your pictures taken, and with plenty of mingling and dancing all night like it is absolutely crucial your skin is properly prepared for makeup to ensure you still look great at 2am 🙂

Primer as far as I and many others are concerned is CRUCIAL.   It prepares the skin for makeup and creates a smooth base for foundation to adhere too.  I always say ‘primer sticks to your skin, sealing in your moisturizer and your foundation sticks to your primer’ therefore resulting in longer fresher lasting make up.

If like me, when you go on a night out – everytime you go to the bathroom, you spend another 10 mins in front of the mirror just making sure makeup is still in tact and no patches.  But when using a primer, just a bit of powder to take any shine away is all I need 🙂

Primer should be applied after your moisturizer and before your foundation.

Allow Primer to set on your face for 2/3 mins before applying foundation.  I usually apply the primer with my fingers or a foundation brush.  Always use just a pea sized amount, as too much product will not set and when you apply foundation the two will mix and ‘clump’.

Apply foundation as normal.

I have used a few different primers, however the one I really dont like is the MAC Prep n Prime as I find it quite greasy and oily and sometimes this comes through in the foundation.

MAC Prep n Prime

I really like Laura Mercier  and Nars primers too. Both available from Brown Thomas

Laura Mercier


But my fave is SMASHBOX photofinish primer this comes in either a clear, color correcting or bronzing primer.  Do not be turned off by the shade of the bronzing primer, as it appears quite dark.  But once applied on the skin its is practically transparent but leaves a slight glow which comes through the makeup and evens out skintone.  So it is actually nice when you want to have a ‘no makeup day’ to wear the bronzing primer as it gives a nice glow! 

Smashbox bronzing primer




So I highly recommend investing in a good makeup primer.  You will definately feel and notice a difference 🙂

xx D xx


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Elaine
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 17:47:29

    Where can I get a new Smashbox Primer Ms. Ryan:)
    I’ve licked my last bottle clean…..


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