Hair Bling!

Well its gas, more and more brides are not wearing any veils and I am screaming WHY NOT 😦 It’s the one time you get to wear one. ( apart from holy communion) LOL . But there are such fabulous headpieces and accessories that you can get now, sometimes there is no need for a veil.

I think headpieces look fab with veils, because after the veil is taken off later in the day, its nice to have a glitzy something in your hair.  I have posted a few pics of some of my recent beautiful brides here that wore some gorgeous headpieces.  I am sure you will all agree that they are stunning!

Below is the lovely Maj, who just got married last weekend.  Her headpiece is from my favourite website Glitzy Secrets. 

Maj x


This is Marlena, and her headpiece is by the wonderfully talented Stacey Hannan.



This is Yvonne, and her gorgeous headpiece is made by Rebekah Patterson



The lovely Sharon, her headpiece was made by a friend of hers. I love this.


 I can’t wait to pick something for my own wedding, but there are soooo many shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. I seriously do not know where to start. 🙂

Be sure though, to go through it with your hairstylist, as I am sure whether you are wearing a veil or not and also the style of your hair, will all have to be taken in to consideration when choosing a piece.

Have fun 🙂

xx D xx


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