Yaaay my Zuca bag has arrived!!!!

Hey Everyone,

I got my new ZUCA bag in the post during the week and I have to say it definately was worth the 2 month wait 🙂  I love it!!

If like me,  you have gazillions amounts of makeup lurking around, and if your kit is seriously overflowing then a Zuca Pro bag is definately the way to go 🙂  I was kind of sad saying goodbye to my old Sena makeup bag, but my shoulders were sore from carrying it around, and aswell as that I used to use another bag for all my eyelash accessories so with those and my chair it was a small job just taking stuff to and from the car, and stuff used to spill and get messy etc.  It is imperative to keep your kit clean and debri free, as not only have you spent enough money on your items, but it also shows that you have respect and love for your profession.  And now I can easily stack all my little pouches nice and neatly and everything stays nice and clean – Happy Days!!

It looks small but do not be decieved. It is perfect!!!

Zuca Pro


Zuca Pro


Nicely tucked away 🙂

Zuca Pro

Like everything the Zuca Pro comes with a price tag of about 300.00 Euro but its well worth it.  You can sit on it, its so easy and light to pull and you can balance another bag on top of it too.  They also have the ZUCA Pro back pack too, which I also have my eye on, but I think I will give my credit card a rest for a bit 🙂

Visit: http://www.zuca.com/artist/index.php


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