Wedding Invites, I LOVE: Lilylou & You!

Hey everyone,

I had been searching around looking at invites online for AGES and even though I am a regular visitor as a supplier and as a bride to be on Weddingsonline, I came across Lilylou & You.  They are based in the UK but do lots and lots of invites for us Irish Brides.  They do the standard folded as well as single sided and pocketfold invites, and all are handmade.  You will find them all over weddings online, with very satisfied customers 🙂  Anywhoo I contacted them and they were back to me super quick.  I have a bit of a theme for my reception and I wanted to roll it over to my invites but not too much as I didnt want them to appear tacky or distasteful.  Well Claire was so nice coming back and forth to me with ideas etc and I sent her on some pictures and ideas I had myself and from that she created my perfect invite 🙂 she posted me over a sample invitation and I was absolutely delighted, I only made  one color change and again they sent me another sample FOC.  The quality of the paper and the detail in the invites are impeccable and are so reasonably priced.  They do so many different styles, I have featured some below, but to view their full range visit and remember you can work with them design your own as well .   Prices are around £3 per invite but also include the RSVP.

Of course I haven’t put a pic of mine, as that would ruin the surprise 🙂 I will post all my pics of stuff AFTER the wedding 🙂

9 months, 3 weeks and 5 days 🙂 Yipeeeee!


Have fun browsing 🙂

xx D xx


Yaaay my Zuca bag has arrived!!!!

Hey Everyone,

I got my new ZUCA bag in the post during the week and I have to say it definately was worth the 2 month wait 🙂  I love it!!

If like me,  you have gazillions amounts of makeup lurking around, and if your kit is seriously overflowing then a Zuca Pro bag is definately the way to go 🙂  I was kind of sad saying goodbye to my old Sena makeup bag, but my shoulders were sore from carrying it around, and aswell as that I used to use another bag for all my eyelash accessories so with those and my chair it was a small job just taking stuff to and from the car, and stuff used to spill and get messy etc.  It is imperative to keep your kit clean and debri free, as not only have you spent enough money on your items, but it also shows that you have respect and love for your profession.  And now I can easily stack all my little pouches nice and neatly and everything stays nice and clean – Happy Days!!

It looks small but do not be decieved. It is perfect!!!

Zuca Pro


Zuca Pro


Nicely tucked away 🙂

Zuca Pro

Like everything the Zuca Pro comes with a price tag of about 300.00 Euro but its well worth it.  You can sit on it, its so easy and light to pull and you can balance another bag on top of it too.  They also have the ZUCA Pro back pack too, which I also have my eye on, but I think I will give my credit card a rest for a bit 🙂


I LOVE: Thomas Sabo

I just had to shout about this as soon as I could.  I see lots of lovely gifts and prezzies that Brides give their Bridesmaids on the day of the wedding. I know Pandora and Links of London bracelets are quite common at the moment and dont get me wrong, they are beautiful.  But I have to say, doing Annes wedding last week, her gift to her bridesmaids was the most beautiful Thomas Sabo charm bracelets.

Thomas Sabo Pearl bracelet

Usually Charm bracelets are silver or gold, but these were pearls, and looked really different.  They were absolutely gorgeous. 


Pearls are timeless and you can get lots of different charms, which makes each bracelet unique!

Anyway, wanted to share that with you all 🙂  Thanks again for all the info Anne.

You can buy Thomas sabo online ,  or in Clerys in Dublin. I am sure you can buy in many other places but these are the mains ones I came across.  For lots of different designs and styles they are definately worth checking out.

I have soooo many ideas and things for my own wedding, I will have nowhere to put anything LOL ( 10 months, 2 weeks and 3 days !!!)

xx D xx

Bank Holiday Madness !!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the weather we had over the long weekend, its a shame it has seemed to take a turn for the worst now 😦  I had a jam packed weekend this weekend and looking forward to a couple of days R and R after it 🙂

First stop on Friday was Limerick for Annes wedding. It was an early start as along with Anne and her 5 bridesmaids we had her mom, aunty, a friend and also her Granny to do.  The morning flew by and the sun was shining.  The girls looked amazing and I was delighted to back in the evening to do powder room and catch up with all the girls who had a fantastic day! Congrats again to Anne and John, hope the honeymoon in America is going well …..

Anne and her bridesmaids Anne, Linda, Mary, Megan and Mairead

Next stop was Skibbereen to Yvonne on Saturday, it was touch and go for a while in the morning but it cleared up and turned out to be a lovely day.  Yvonne looked amazing and was brilliantly calm thoughout the whole morning.  She was super organised and it soo paid off.   She was stunning! Congrats to Yvonne and Brian 🙂

Yvonne and her Bridesmaids. Unfortunately the only one I got of Yvonne look @ me, Carols eyes are closed 😦 sorry Carol x

From Skibbereen it was back to Kilkenny, where I planned on taking it easy as we were having a big bbq in the house on Sunday but of course as you all know the June Bank Holiday in Kilkenny means 2 words. CATS LAUGHS!!!! And my friend Carol and her hubby Philip were up, and my best friends from home, so we hit the town.  We had a great day on Sunday and the weather was terrific.

Summer Fun!

The girlies

On Monday I was praying the rain would stop as the lovely Bahia was getting married.  It didnt let up though, but it didnt stamp her spirits and she was totally calm and collected:) Eric Ronan was Bahia’s photographer for the day and it was actually my first time meeting him at a wedding and I have to say he was brilliant.  So funny, and witty and his work speaks or himself 🙂 You can view his work on . Congrats to herself and Philip.  Bahia looked beautiful as you can see below!


So congrats again to all my brides from this weekend, I have to have the best job ever 🙂

PS- Delighted I had my camera THIS TIME 🙂 lol

xx D xx

Celeb Bridal Looks*

Hey Everyone,

Like before, I like posting pics of some celeb make up styles, especially those that I think would look gorgeous and suited to Bridal Make Up.  Below are 2 inspirations pics I came across.

Here gold tones are used on the eyes, I like to introduce a bit gold to the eye, which as you can see below adds a nice touch and makes the eyes pop, and suits both blond and dark haired ladies. 

I love GOSH eyeshadow pot in gold, tried to find a pic of it but I cant sorry 😦

Love these looks!

xx D xx