Mascara, a girls best friend!!!!

Hey everyone,

Everyone loves big full lashes.  And when we don’t have the time to put in our ‘falsies’ or have the money to get semi permanent ones, it really means alot to us to have a good mascara.  Most people in the makeup world know that MAC doesn’t have the best mascara’s.  Personally myself, although I am a loyal user of MAC I do love Maybeline and Rimmel mascaras and also DIOR Backstage.  It is essential to use waterproof mascara on the eyes for Bridal makeup, as more than likely there will be tears lol!  But I usually use Urban Decay Galoshes on top of mascara which makes it water and smudge proof.

    HOWEVER….. MAC have now introduced a new mascara which is due to hit the shelves in May.  They promise it to big the biggest thing since the sliced pan!


For me its all in the brush.  A good fat brush with small bristles is what you need for fuller longer lashes.  And MAC promises this with the new Opulash.  Fingers crossed it does the job, I am looking forward to trying it!

D xx


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  1. Antique brooches
    May 25, 2010 @ 08:23:10

    Im looking forward to!


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