Bridal Beauty!

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day,  I say it’s important to look yourself but just to enhance your features. Good cheekbones and emphasis on they eyes always makes for a good look.  You want to be able to look back on your wedding pictures in 10 years time – and not cringe so makeup needs to be natural and timeless.  It is vital not to wear too much makeup, this may look great on camera but really cakey and heavy in person.  You need to find happy medium so it is important spend time considering the makeup that you will have for your big day.

For those of you that are not getting a professional and are considering doing your own makeup – be sure to test drive some products.  Longevity is imperative here, you don’t want to spend your day nipping to the bathroom to powder up.   Go to some counters and get some samples, test them as early as possible in the day and see how long and how well it lasts for you.  Investing in a good primer is also a must.  If you want to go with a certain ‘look’ or ‘era’ for your makeup , then maybe go and get  lesson from a professional so that you can re create the look yourself.

When doing bridal makeup, you need to understand that your make up is not going to be the same as going out on a Saturday night.  Bear in mind if you are wearing a white/ivory – your makeup will appear much darker than if you were wearing a black.  This is the same with your tan, if you are going for the spray tan be sure to get some trials of this also.  It is no harm to add a little more bronzer and darken up a little for the evening but for the day, you should keep everything as natural as possible.

Keep the eyes nice and natural, use browns and taupes to shade and contour the eye.  Again depending on the look that you are going for practice, practice!

Be sure to use a pinky or peachy tone on the lips, otherwise lips will be lost in the photos.  

If you are hiring a professional, be sure to swan through magazines or the net at some pics so and bring along any that you like.  That way your makeup artist can work with you to recreate a look that you are both happy with.

I have added some celeb pictures below with some different looks that can be used for bridal. All timeless!


D xx


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  1. Antique brooches
    May 25, 2010 @ 08:26:00

    Look like a celeb!!


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