Mascara, a girls best friend!!!!

Hey everyone,

Everyone loves big full lashes.  And when we don’t have the time to put in our ‘falsies’ or have the money to get semi permanent ones, it really means alot to us to have a good mascara.  Most people in the makeup world know that MAC doesn’t have the best mascara’s.  Personally myself, although I am a loyal user of MAC I do love Maybeline and Rimmel mascaras and also DIOR Backstage.  It is essential to use waterproof mascara on the eyes for Bridal makeup, as more than likely there will be tears lol!  But I usually use Urban Decay Galoshes on top of mascara which makes it water and smudge proof.

    HOWEVER….. MAC have now introduced a new mascara which is due to hit the shelves in May.  They promise it to big the biggest thing since the sliced pan!


For me its all in the brush.  A good fat brush with small bristles is what you need for fuller longer lashes.  And MAC promises this with the new Opulash.  Fingers crossed it does the job, I am looking forward to trying it!

D xx


Busy Busy Bee!

Hi Everyone,

It has been a havoc week and I have had hardly no time to update anything. I have a rare Saturday morning off before I head to Thurles for makeup lessons.  Its great to be busy, I lose track of myself though and before I know it another week has passed 🙂   12 months 1 week and 1 day to my big day !!! Yippeee! I have posted some pics below of some of my recent brides of the past few weeks.

Congrats again to you all

D xx

 Anne was dancing around the room doing air guitar she was sooo happy 🙂 her brother Timmy who was coming from Oz for the wedding got stranded in London due to the flights being cancelled but he made his way to Fishguard and got the ferry over and arrived just in time 🙂 She was elated and was a tonic to be around.  She was fabulous! x






Lots of more blogs to come ! Remember to email me if there is anything particular you would like to me to cover makeup, weddings etc

D xx

Fiona and her lovely 7 bridesmaids !!

Hey everyone,

I had a lovely bride a few weeks ago in the gorgeous Castlemartyr Resort in Cork.  When Fiona told me she was having 7 , yes 7 bridesmaids, I was like WOW!!  I have had weddings with 3, 4  and 5 bridesmaids but I have to say – 7 was a new record 🙂  We had great fun on the morning of the wedding, and it was fab to see it all come together.  Fiona’s 2 best friends were her chief bridemaids and then 5 of her younger cousins were bridesmaids and they wore a different dress.  It was stunning, I loved the way she did EVERYTHING.  She made her own hairbands herself – they were gorgeous silver bands, and she picked up the brooches in a London market, each one different.   The lovely and talented photographer Fiona Brophy was kind enough to give me some pictures to share with you all below 🙂 Fiona herself, looked absolutely amazing and I wish her and Paul lots of love luck and happiness 🙂

D xx

You’ve been tangoed!! Spring trend – orange lipstick!

I am sure alot of you are seeing that red lipstick is kind of going out the door, and in its place for spring orange lips are making a brighter and bigger statement.  It really came out at NY fashion week at Nanette Lepore’s show.  Now dont be getting any ideas, I am not saying that orange lipstick is making an appearence in Bridal make up 🙂 

Above: Nanette Lepore’s show at FW It was natural makeup with minimal color on the face and a slight big of coloured eyeliner on the eyes and then a nice shade of peach/orange on the lips. 

 At first when you think ‘orange lipstick’ it can seem a bit weird but it actually works really well if used correctly.   A perfect look with orange lips would be to be to slightly bronze the face after foundation, slight smokyness on the eyes using warm browns or bronze tones and plenty of mascara.

Here Sarah Harding dons a cool look sporting some tango on her lips

Here are my two fave shades available from MAC –

MAC  meltdown, this is a more natural shade and looks well on pale – tanned skin. 

MAC morange -this is richer and would suit darker to olive skin tones.  But again either can be worn depeding on what overall look you are going for!

Have fun experimenting

D xx

Dance the night away in these babies!

Everyone loves shoes … well I love shoes 🙂 It doesn’t necessarily mean I can walk all night long in them.  You will usually catch me with sky high heels at the start of the night, but come back to me at the end of the night and you will find me in my flats 🙂  About 2 years  ago I purchased a pair of Christian Louboutins and I have to say they are killer on the foot – I was crippled by the end of the night.  Did it stop me wearing them  … no!  Well I find the brides are also smitten when it comes to choosing a wedding shoe, but you have to remember you will be walking around and standing for most of the day.  I will be blogging later on about wedding shoes but I had to post a pic of these little pumps. Mary, a beautiful bride I had the pleasure of doing make up for a few weeks ago and she had these tucked nicely in to her little bag for the reception.  I loved them, they have little sparkly bits and cool crochet on them !!!  Imagine sinking your feet in to these at the end of the night. Ahhhhhhhh 🙂

You can get them online at  and are $27.00 a pair = BARGAIN!

D xx

Bridal Beauty!

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day,  I say it’s important to look yourself but just to enhance your features. Good cheekbones and emphasis on they eyes always makes for a good look.  You want to be able to look back on your wedding pictures in 10 years time – and not cringe so makeup needs to be natural and timeless.  It is vital not to wear too much makeup, this may look great on camera but really cakey and heavy in person.  You need to find happy medium so it is important spend time considering the makeup that you will have for your big day.

For those of you that are not getting a professional and are considering doing your own makeup – be sure to test drive some products.  Longevity is imperative here, you don’t want to spend your day nipping to the bathroom to powder up.   Go to some counters and get some samples, test them as early as possible in the day and see how long and how well it lasts for you.  Investing in a good primer is also a must.  If you want to go with a certain ‘look’ or ‘era’ for your makeup , then maybe go and get  lesson from a professional so that you can re create the look yourself.

When doing bridal makeup, you need to understand that your make up is not going to be the same as going out on a Saturday night.  Bear in mind if you are wearing a white/ivory – your makeup will appear much darker than if you were wearing a black.  This is the same with your tan, if you are going for the spray tan be sure to get some trials of this also.  It is no harm to add a little more bronzer and darken up a little for the evening but for the day, you should keep everything as natural as possible.

Keep the eyes nice and natural, use browns and taupes to shade and contour the eye.  Again depending on the look that you are going for practice, practice!

Be sure to use a pinky or peachy tone on the lips, otherwise lips will be lost in the photos.  

If you are hiring a professional, be sure to swan through magazines or the net at some pics so and bring along any that you like.  That way your makeup artist can work with you to recreate a look that you are both happy with.

I have added some celeb pictures below with some different looks that can be used for bridal. All timeless!


D xx

ssshh! Glitzy Secrets!

Well everyone knows that jewellery is also an integral part of the wedding ‘outfit’ .  I am already sourcing my own but there is so much to choose from.  I am totally loving everything to do with vintage at the moment.  And see it coming through in alot of weddings.

There is some beautiful Hollywood vintage inspired jewellery after been added to one of my favourite websites  This site is a  ‘must add’ for your internet favourites. They have gorg hair clips and brooches and come in really cute little boxes.  They are very reasonably priced as well, so you can get something small and thoughtful for your bridesmaids as well as your own jewellery.  Here is some from examples of some of my faves :

Antique bracelet inspired by the hollywood 1940’s starlet. Price £26.99.

Love these ones, very ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’. £15.00

Leave your hair down in loose curls, or with a side bun.  Place this in your hair and it will give a gorgeous vintage look. £26.00

Check out http://www.glitzysecrets .com for more gorgeous items.

Dont go too crazy 🙂

D xx